Our fresh and bright-tasting bourbon cocktail is the perfect way to stay warm over the holiday season. While using San Pellegrino as a mixer may seem odd, it’s really the smart choice for mixing this particular cocktail. You see, the minerals and bubbles really open up the flavors of the bourbon making the drink– to borrow a very scientific term– tastier.

A good cocktail starts with great spirits. The latest from Maker’s Mark- Maker’s 46 is as good as it gets.





To begin, cut a strip of tangerine (or regular orange) zest into a rocks glass. Vegetables peelers are great for zesting in big pieces.




After zesting the tangerine, cut in half and squeeze the juice into the glass. Tangerines have tons of seeds, so squeezing the juice through a strainer will make your life much easier.





Add 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of ginger syrup to the glass. Click here for the ginger syrup recipe.





Now. Here comes the good stuff. Pour 2 ounces (1/4 cup) of bourbon. (You can always add more later if you’d like..). Add three large ice cubes to the glass and stir for 10-20 seconds to thoroughly chill.





Finish your drink off with a splash of San Pellegrino or soda water.






We recommend enjoying this drink with a bowlful of gougeres, fresh out of the oven… and someone special to make sure you stay warm!

Tangerine Ginger Crush, paired with gougeres is Cocktail Time– perfected.