Bourbon Ice Cream


Stay Warm with ‘Grown-Up’ Snow Cones (psst… It’s Bourbon)   Go scoop some fresh snow, pack it in glasses and pour over your favorite creme liqueur like Amarula (as seen in our Snowy Desserts segment

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Nocciolata Chocolate Tart


Three Ingredient Gluten-Free Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake photo courtesy: @jadedemily on Instagram  It's gooey, fudgy chocolate cake with three ingredients and one of them is Nocciolata. What else do you want? NOCCIOLATA CHOCOLATE TART Yield: Serves 6-8

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Irish Coffee Brownies


Boozy St Patrick's Day Brownies Irish Coffee Brownies makes 2 to 3 dozen 3/4 cup (11/2 sticks) unsalted butter, plus more for the pan 4 ounces semisweet chocolate, bar or chips 1 cup granulated sugar

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Nocciolata Fudge with Fox & Friends


Our absolute favorite chocolate hazelnut spread is Nocciolata which is an all organic brand from Italy. Certain people, who shall remain nameless, have been known to eat it by the spoonful. But during the holidays, we like

Nocciolata Fudge with Fox & Friends2015-01-13T17:40:13+00:00

Chocolate Toffee Bark and Peanut Butter Balls


Everyone Loves a Homemade Christmas Treat. 5 year-olds are no exception. Neither are 35 year-olds (Yikes, that December, almost-mid-life-crisis birthday snuck up on me!) Going for minimum effort, maximum effect, Parker and I settled on Salted Chocolate Toffee

Chocolate Toffee Bark and Peanut Butter Balls2017-11-29T15:20:02+00:00
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