For a coastal city in Florida, Apalachicola has a  shockingly low number of shops selling t-shirts and inflatable beach toys. Instead Apalachicola makes its way by rising early and lifting plump, briny oysters the traditional way. The oystermen of Apalachicola wield long handled tongs that scrape the bottom of the famed bay to harvest the most highly acclaimed oysters anywhere on the Gulf Coast.


Apalachicola represents the Old South. A simple, slow paced way of life where the days greatest concern is often making sure the oysters and beer cold enough by noon. A place where the most important events take place on front porches while fans slowly churn overhead. The waterfront is dominated with simple restaurants and bars serve nothing but just harvested oysters, and the freshest local seafood- shrimp, snapper, grouper and mullet. A day in Apalachicola is an easy trip from anywhere on Panhandle, but exploring all the charm Apalachicola has to offer may require an overnight stay. Luckily Apalachicola has no shortage of bed and breakfasts. So get this hidden gem of the Gulf Coast on your list must-see places and have a couple beers and a dozen oysters for us. Check out our favorite spots below.

The Wheelhouse Oyster Bar
317 Water St
Apalachicola, FL 32320

Boss Oyster 
125 Water St
Apalachicola, FL 32320

Papa Joe’s 
310 Market St
Apalachicola, FL 32320

Gibson Inn
51 Avenue C
Apalachicola, FL 32320