We land in Paris, we head to Le Comptoir du Relais. We land in Rome and we head to Roscioli. The Roscioli brothers are like a Mario Batali/Joseph Bastianich/Danny Meyer/Daniel hybrid- but in a rustic and old-school Roman kind of way. They cure, they ferment, they boast the oldest operating bread bakery in Rome– and they have 1,000′s of hard-to-find wines in their cellar. Hundreds are by the glass. Oh, and did I mention they have a menu dedicated to mozzarella?

One of the most sublime dishes Brooke has ever eaten was at Roscioli. Hamachi tartare nestled atop a splitting-at-the-seams ball of creamy burrata. Forget that the dish makes no sense. Forget that any self-respecting Italian never combines cheese and seafood. Try to also forget that it costs $40. We might be skipping St. Peter’s on our next trip to Rome, but we will most certainly make a Roscioli detour for an order of this.

Via dei Giubbonari, 21

And just around the corner…

Il Goccetto

As rustic as they come, Il Goccetto is a wine bar cult favorite with Romans and non-Romans alike. On the way to Campo dei Fiori, we like to stop here for a glass of Barbaresco and a handful of taralli.
Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14