Les Fines Geules, jazz

It was one of those happy moments when we had nothing to do but stroll around the most beautiful city in the world and discover- unearth delicious places, bites and sips. An unexpected right turn and we found ourselves in the stately Place des Victoires (Really? How do the French get their sidewalks and monuments so pristine and blindingly white? As a New Yorker, I’ll never understand.) One more turn and then our late Sunday afternoon discovery- Les Fines Geules. Jazz Sunday was just beginning, the saxophonist tuning up while the bartender sliced long ribbons of prosciutto and nestled bottles of white and rose’ into a big, pretty silver tub. The gorgeous curved zinc bar hosts both sippers and diners. Small plates like the charcuterie & cheese board, the country pates and the tartars (both beef and seafood) make this our ideal light dinner locale where we savor small bites and enjoy the early evening music.