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The Flavor Matrix” is a groundbreaking ingredient-pairing guide by ICE Director of Creative Development James Briscione and chef/cookbook author Brooke Parkhurst. This revolutionary new guide demonstrates how science can be used to combine unlikely foods and create astonishingly inventive dishes. “The Flavor Matrix” includes 150 of the most commonly used ingredients, with flavor pairings that have been scientifically proven to complement the featured ingredient. We’ll explore surprising pairings—such as garlic and cocoa, artichokes and sesame, corn and coconut, and squash and caramel—inspired by the book’s extraordinary recipes. Chef James leads you through a totally unique menu including: Chicken and Mushroom Burgers with Strawberry Ketchup; Pork Tacos with Sweet Peas and Coconut; Lemon Curd with Crispy Olives; and more! Every student will go home with a copy of “The Flavor Matrix: The Art and Science of Pairing Common Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes.

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