Brooke can drink red wine (or white wine or champagne or prosecco…) any day of the week. But sometimes a mocktail can be fun… and allow her to wake up, clear-headed, at 6am with a 3 year-old begging for Yo Gabba Gabba and strawberry lollipops.

Hence, our latest creation: the Honest Mint-Mango Spritz

Fresh ginger and mint give it a kick and we finish everything off with a splash of seltzer for champagne-like bubbles and tartness. HonestAde makes us feel really good about our fake cocktail hour by providing us with a day’s worth of Vitamin C.

Not bad for a sober summer night, hmmm? Check out our mocktail on!

Celebrity Diner’s Club: Honest Mint-Mango Spritz