I could see Jamie channeling some sort of Martha Stewart/Santa hybrid as he gently stirred a simmering saucepot full of cranberries, fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, sugar and water. The truth is, our apartment never smelled so good. The bubbling, homemade simple syrup even inspired little Parker to prance over to the stove and breathe in the heady smell of the holidays.

And what was going through my mind during this domestic scene?


I made the command decision that eggnog and hot wassail were for the “adult table” this year (that’s how Jamie and I continue to differentiate ourselves from our parents, aunts & uncles during the holidays). Instead, we’re impressing the boozy elves with our Cranberry Spice Margarita, the yummiest blend of warm holiday flavors, Mexico’s finest and fresh lime juice.

Recipe: Cranberry Spice Margarita