The Foods of Brazil


After spending two weeks in the Bahian region of Brazil, chefs James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst are ready to share what they discovered. Bahia's unique culinary heritage marries the cuisines of the Portuguese, native Indian,

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Kids Kitchen Lab for Parent & Child


Being a chef means being a food scientist! And the kitchen happens to be the most delicious science lab of all. Put the kids’ lab coats on and join Brooke Parkhurst for an afternoon of

Kids Kitchen Lab for Parent & Child2017-12-15T22:52:13+00:00

Advanced Food Blogging


Prepare yourself for bigger, better blogging! If you've already been blogging but would like to see superior results, you must take this class with Brooke Parkhurst. She will show you how you can drive far

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Couples Handmade Pasta


Making pasta dough by hand and then turning it into countless shapes is not only easy; it's a fantastically fun activity to do as a couple. In this class, you will learn those skills as

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Start Your Own Food Blog


Conceptualize, develop, and run your own food blog! In this seminar, you'll discover how to find your "foodie niche" and develop a unique voice. You'll also learn how to promote and distinguish yourself in the

Start Your Own Food Blog2017-12-15T22:52:13+00:00
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