Stay Warm with ‘Grown-Up’ Snow Cones (psst… it’s bourbon)


Go scoop some fresh snow, pack it in glasses and pour over your favorite creme liqueur like Amarula (as seen in our Snowy Desserts segment on Fox & Friends). Or try our recipe for homemade bourbon cream on top of your snow! Homemade Bourbon Cream makes 32 ounces 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk ½ […]

Oatmeal-Apple Cookies w Warm Caramel Drizzle

oatmeal cookies w apples

This weekend, we adapted one of our favorite oatmeal cookie recipes from Just Married & Cooking for the Fall Festival on Fox & Friends. Instead of adding our usual sweet, bright apricots to the dough, we went for bits of cinnamon-rich, dried apple rings. Next, Jamie’s sweet tooth took over and rich, buttery, slightly salty caramel was added- think of […]