Baby August!


Baby James August Briscione came into this world one month ago. What kind of parents are we for posting this now? Nothing is official until it’s on a website, right? Luckily, he made his two day-old TV debut on Fox & Friends. (Gah- can’t believe he blinked!) He’s a honey, with an appetite like his daddy’s (big, […]

Date Night: Hot, Sexy Food!


It’s been cold- freeze an egg on the sidewalk kind of cold. But that’s a good thing. Because there’s nothing more that you (and we, of course) like to do in these bitter, cold months than cook together and EAT. For three nights this week, we’ve hosted wonderful, warm, culi-curious (isn’t that a great word?) […]

Romantic Getaways: Ultimate Caribbean

The Rockhouse Hotel Jamaica

Pictured: Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica Isn’t this where you want to be right now? Perched on the cliffs of Pristine Cove, Jamaica, warm toes in the air, diving into the turquoise sea? Climb up the cliffside ladder and refresh with a swig of rum punch and start dreaming up dinner- something like coconut shrimp, Jamaican stir-fry and… more […]

#DietTrend: Home-Cooked Food

Fresh fruit wheel

How do we change ourselves for the better in 2015? How do we make ourselves happier, healthier, full of both energy and patience (for the little ones)? There’s a lot we can do. And it starts in the kitchen. As the New York Times reports- and Jamie subsequently cooks up- there’s a “hot new diet” […]

Irish Holidays


In the spirit of our sassy, culinary-minded 5 year-old (see below), we kicked off our Briscione Ireland Adventures at Leister House- aka Irish Parliament– where Parker threw signs, demanded fish & chips and asked when we were having ‘high tea.’  Who were we to object? We spent the next 7 days enjoying the best that Dublin […]