See You In Class!


Have you ever wanted to make your own pizza, from the homemade tomato sauce to the toppings bar? Do you dream of rolling out silky ribbons of fresh fettuccine, searing the perfect pork roast, grilling a gorgeous medium-rare rib-eye? Yes, we’re talking about acquiring some serious skills in the kitchen! Even better if you get […]

Cooking with Dad on Food Network

cooking w dad 1tiff

People ask us all the time what dinner time is like with two (sometimes three) chefs at home. @foodnetwork asked us the same- and then created Cooking with Dad! James is a pro chef by day, dad-cook by night; 7 year-old Parker is his sous chef! Check out Parker’s Pasta, our Family Stir Fry, Baby Augusts’s […]

Best Super Bowl Recipes and Tips

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Whether you’re planning to dive into a platter of chicken wings just before kick off, or pass around a pitcher of jalapeño margaritas when the commercials start, we’ve got some advice and amazing recipes to get you ready for Super Bowl XLIX. Recently, both the Epoch Times and the fabulous Chef Jamie Gwen reached out to us […]

Nocciolata Fudge with Fox & Friends

noccilata fudge crop

Our absolute favorite chocolate hazelnut spread is Nocciolata which is an all organic brand from Italy. Certain people, who shall remain nameless, have been known to eat it by the spoonful. But during the holidays, we like to use it to make this irresistible fudge that gets topped of with generous sprinkle of sea salt. It takes […]