London & Paris: Our Ultimate Guide


Yes, that’s me at the Duane Reade check-out, grinning ear-to-ear. I’m buying a box of Airborne and I’m ecstatic. Because that little box means I’m about to get on a plane. And planes mean travel. And I love nothing more in this world (save my little family) than traveling. Yes, I know that’s like saying […]

Date Night: Hot, Sexy Food!


It’s been cold- freeze an egg on the sidewalk kind of cold. But that’s a good thing. Because there’s nothing more that you (and we, of course) like to do in these bitter, cold months than cook together and EAT. For three nights this week, we’ve hosted wonderful, warm, culi-curious (isn’t that a great word?) […]

The Wharf ‘Uncorked’


We we cooked, we sipped, we conquered!   The Wharf ‘Uncorked’ in Orange Beach, Alabama was a hit with everyone in the family- from the littlest, who would be Cousin Carson (above left in Jamie’s arms)- to the biggest/oldest, who… would prefer to go unnamed! Warm temps and wishes and support from the community made […]

Beach Paradise

Beach morning at Turquoise Place

We love the city. And we hate the city… (My Thursday morning at the beach, coffee in hand, with Parker Lee) We love living & working amid the chaos and the crowds and we systematically plot our escape every 3 months or so.  And with that, we found a new beach paradise… Turquoise Place in Orange Beach, Alabama, is a […]