#DietTrend: Home-Cooked Food

Fresh fruit wheel

How do we change ourselves for the better in 2015? How do we make ourselves happier, healthier, full of both energy and patience (for the little ones)? There’s a lot we can do. And it starts in the kitchen. As the New York Times reports- and Jamie subsequently cooks up- there’s a “hot new diet” […]

Easy Meal Solutions for Our Family


Yes, I’m married to a chef. No, he is not responsible for meal time- I am. Does that surprise you? Jamie comes home with yummy bits from his all-stainless, oversized, fully stocked work kitchen several times a week. The crazier and the more complex the food (aka he dirtied 7 pots to make it), the […]

Spring Chicken

spring chicken slider

This is Spring-In-A-Pan. The pop of the peas, the sweetness and crunch of the carrots, the earthiness of the mushrooms and potatoes- we might just have the perfect Spring recipe for you. Jamie first created this for Easter lunch at home. Parker was in charge (kinda sorta) due to her hectic Sunday schedule of “church school,” West Village Easter egg hunt […]